Thursday, July 7, 2016

What to write about

What to write about. What to blog about...that is the question?


I vowed in the last blog post to start writing more often. I’m trying my best to stick to that, even though it’s been a couple of weeks since that post. I’ve been debating on what to do with the blog. After all ,it is called “Little bits of Life with Laura,” so, I’m guessing I can take this thing in many different directions. I’ve always heard it said that you’re supposed to “write about what you know.” Well, that is the conundrum then, isn’t it? Especially when I know a lot about very little and little about a lot. So, where do I go with this blog in order to get in the habit of updating it and writing more often? How do I “pick up traffic” on this site in order to make it really worth the time and effort of posting it? That’s what I’ve been pondering since my “Good. Now Go and Fail Again” post.

Aside from work and regular household chores, life for me for nearly the last four years has consisted of taking care of my animals. I haven’t always had this many critters, nor have I always known what to do with them or for them. Sometimes, I still don’t know what to do with them or for them, but every day with them is a learning experience for me. Learning about the animals as well as learning about myself. So, for the next little while at least, I would like to share some farm things. My sister-in-law will be happy that I’ve finally decided to write about this, since she’s been telling me to do so for some time now. I want to tell you about the farm itself, about some of the many things that I’ve learned already, things that I am learning, and even things that I want to learn about. I want to describe the structures that we’ve built, the personalities of the critters that inhabit our lands, and just the general silliness and craziness that has become my life. A life and an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So, stay tuned; you’ll hear of silly horses, crazy cats, chickens galore, the hardships of building a barn, the misadventures of building chicken coops, and all of the other hair-brained ideas and attempts that I’ve had and will have as I write this and keep this blog. Occasionally, there might be an editorial piece thrown in or a piece about something other than farm life, but, I think that this is the direction I want to go for now. I hope you’ll continue the ride with me and see where we all end up.

"See" ya soon!!

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